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Cancer Sex Horoscope

As told you before that Cancer is slow and steady like a tortoise, so a sexual encounter with a Cancerian will also turn out to be like a slow dance. But if you exactly know how to arouse a Cancerian then you can definitely enjoy the emotional and passionate love making with him/her. The emotional firepower that can be aroused within Cancer usually manifests itself as a series of wonderful fantasies and less as sexual acrobatics. Either way, it`s pure pleasure for both partners. A person under this sign is quite intuitive and thus can sense what their lover wants resulting in a hot and spicy bedroom scene.

The Crab loves being made love to, a feminine characteristic which is often on display by him/her in the bedroom. For a Crab sex is equally important to love, home and hearth, so anyone who can make him/her secure will surely be treated with sudden and violent sensual treats. One more naughty aspect of Cancer is that being a water sign they are quite fond of sex on the beach or in the sea. So, if you are planning for some fireworks during you honeymoon with a Cancerian do keep this in mind.

A Cancer likes and needs a partner who believes in the saying, 'Slow and Steady Wins the Race'. For Cancer an exchange of emotions is also important, whether it`s through sex, sports or some passionately written means. Cancerians love one-on-one type of interaction and enjoy being a center of attraction at parties. To keep the balance a partner as intuitive as the Crab himself/herself will also help to draw them out of their shell and keep them out. A Cancerian overall needs a strong partner who knows how to allure him/her and knows when to stop this game.

Home is the best place for the affectionate Crab and if he/she can share it with someone special then that`s hard to beat. The emotions of this winning sign help to make Cancerians empathetic and caring lovers, the sort of people who glow like the moon and flow like the sea. He/she likes someone who can be their mental mate and can carry conversations with him. Since a Cancerian is subject to mood swings so you should help him when he is low, and ride with him when he is high. He is very intuitive and can sense your true feelings so be genuine and real instead of pretentious. He can pick up on whatever mood you`re in and feel the same way within minutes, if you are happy, he`ll be happy, if sad, he`ll be the same. He likes social things, but not in excess.

A Cancer appreciates beauty so, don`t be careless about your personal appearance. Don't dare to offend the beliefs or things he/she holds more dear than others. Don`t bring to him other`s emotional baggage, he`ll pick up on these emotions and it may upset his mood. Don`t try to dominate a Cancerian, and persuade him/her but diplomatically.

Cancer Seduction Horoscope

A Cancer Man is attracted to a woman who will comfort him, care for him, feeds a him and make him feel loved. Such a woman may soon see them sharing her home because home is where a Cancerian's heart is. Cancer men act as protectors and caregiver for the women they love or feel affection for. But they seek similar treatment in return because this is what makes them feel loved by their loved ones. A woman who is motherly in physical build, nature or personality, attracts them like a magnet attracts iron.

A Cancer woman is easily attracted to a man who is protective, security-conscious, sensitive, and understanding. If she finds that he makes her feel safe and secure, she`ll feel herself drawn to him. A man who is financially secure, owns a home of his own, has planned for the future and could afford to raise children in a good home environment is in demand among the Cancer women. Her strong sexuality responds best to emotion and security. She can be seduced to a man she unconsciously perceives as a father figure or to a man who feels the need to be mothered. Cancer women are particularly attracted to a man who loves children, can cook or appreciates her cooking, and wants a cozy, comfortable home.

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