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Cancer Relationship Horoscope

The crabs or Cancerians have a very good gut or intuition and their partners will definitely like them for this quality and once the Cancerians focus then their intuition is very accurate. A Cancer can be hard to resist when their qualities of charm and magnetism that alone are alluring to a lover, are coupled with their nurturing needs. A Cancer loves to be in the limelight and will reward the lover who gives them full attention, with tenderness and affection throughout there life. So, if you want all this from your Cancerian partner then you should be a lover who remembers birthdays and other special days, or simply pops a bottle of champagne for no special reason. If a crab tests its lover with by making him/her jealous, it is only because a crab craves for a stronger emotional response. The ideal Cancer soul mate can snuggle on the couch and watch TV all night long.

Cancer Love Horoscope

A Cancer is never in a hurry when it comes to love. He/she believes in and loves a slow and quiet courtship. Once love is in the air, Cancerians prove themselves devoted lovers, protective of the object of their affections and unusually helpful and sympathetic. But besides being romantic, loving and caring the crab is also a very emotional and can feel things strongly if you ever try to cross them. So, you just avoid doing that. A person who is seeking pampering and seduction and who is willing to learn a thing or two in the game of love, then a Cancerian is the perfect choice for a partner. An honest love, and lover, become Cancer, for it is in this safe environment that they are best able to create a warm home and indulge their nurturing instincts.

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